You have heard about Bitcoins, Etherium, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies and may received them for payment. SanaLife is introducing Argentum into our rewards and payments programs, linked to silver and able to trade with other platforms. Coming this November 2017.


Are you tired of changing the MLM company one after another? Do you sometimes contemplate why commissions and rewards are not where you would like them to be and you are looking at another MLM company? If the rewards plans and internet platform are wrong and the payment method cuts into your earnings, or if the products are too limited or become dated then you will not achieve your goals.

At SanaLife Marketing, we offer INNOVATIVE rewards and a work and play platform. You can be your own boss on your own schedule and still be earning even when not working, and our benefits are delivered using web and mobile solutions that allow you to build and profit at your own pace. SanaLife Marketing works with partners in the industry to bring new products and new opportunities for our members, join now for free to find out more information from one of our brand ambassadors.