Your direct sales network marketing business relies on self-reliant sales representatives or associates to build a customer base, building this team requires great communications and management of order processing and commissions payout. In today's world of mobile phones, tablets and the individual freedoms that they provide, your in-house software systems must be able to adapt and scale without killing your bottom line.

SanaLife through our own experience with various software providers and payment processors has felt the impact of stacked processing fees, $10,000 monthly payments for hosted software that was not responsive, and customer support that might respond days after the initial service call.

Finding partners who understand your business, who recognise the need for reliable scalable and cost effective software systems, who respond when you call and that can adapt to your business needs is challenging. That is why SanaLife in the spirit of our pursuit of of all things natural and free of impediments has launched a new service to help you with your business.