Have you ever wished that products you use could provide you with new income to cover the cost of shopping, or maybe provide a way to get new products at very low or no cost at all. You use a mobile device and access the web as a regular part of your daily lives, but have you considered that the device in your hand could generate income for you. A mobile phone or tablet represents an endpoint connected to a massive network, millions of people both locally and globally going about their daily lives but connected through their individual interests or the search for products.

SanaLife is for you if you are looking to earn enough income to pay a few bills, or maybe put away some savings or even build up your own business.

SanaLife is for you if you currently run a marketing network, maybe affiliated with another business, and would like to expand your market position and grow your revenue.


It is our belief that our lifestyles can be improved with products that use natural ingredients, and by giving our product consumers the opportunity to share the benefits within their communities. We also believe in supporting the micro economy that exists between friends and associates, wealth shared between people creates new opportunities for life improvement and benefits the economy of their community.

With the SanaLife  membership you receive products, cash back and commissions, retail partner offers and you will receive our branded Visa or Mastercard preloaded debit card to use for purchases and deposits into your own bank account. Introduce our products and membership options to people you know and earn commissions, like our lead members you can benefit from a residual income that adds thousands of dollars each month to your bank balance.

Diamond Level Membership. 

For those who want the independence that comes from having their own business, higher residual income and travel to special events and product launch. Membership includes...

  • 40% commission from level one members signed up
  • 6% commission from level two and 4% commission from level three
  • A preloaded branded visa/mastercard debit card and up to $100 of Sanalife products for your use

Membership one time cost of $688.00.


$100 Gift Package. When you join our team you will receive a gift package of our products for your personal use, this will include "Made in the USA" items shipped directly to you. This gift package has a $100 value and may include samples of our natural oil or beauty products, other special offers and information about your membership.

Sanalife Ambassador For Quality. It is the mission of our company to deliver high quality products that use natural products in their manufacture, as a member of our team you become an Ambassador for improving family health and skin care. Our products must pass tough quality tests and comply with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Your Own eCommerce Store. We provide you with your own eCommerce website with order tracking and processing, product listing just like eBay and many marketing tools. Your site works on laptops, tablets and yes cell phones, process orders in your hand and even connect to popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter and WeChat.

Member Rewards. You run your business and build your sales on your schedule, as you do points are accumulating which lead to team member rewards and special performance payments. With a little effort you can receive free travel, goods or bonus payments up to $5,000. That adds up to free money and free trips for your family.

High Commissions. Every product sold through your eCommerce store results in cash for you through commissions or cash back programs. SanaLife provides up to 40% commission payouts for product sales and new member sign ups, and continuous earnings on your member sales as they build their business. 

Member Debit Card. As a member you will receive your own Visa or MasterCard debit card, use it at ATM machines, for purchases at retailers and merchants, or online for bill payment and eCommerce purchases. Commissions are paid to you on the card and many other services are provided through a user web and mobile application.